Is your home secure from housebreakers as from other intruders?

Is your home secure from housebreakers as from other intruders? Find out now!

Anticipating Trespassers with a Fence or Driveway Alarm

We are hardwired to worry about leaving our home for the day for fear it will be broken in. Housebreakers, specifically burglars, are a real and ever-present threat, to be sure, and home alarms have been designed mostly to keep them out. However, not all home attackers will come forcibly through the backdoor or a first floor window. Your earliest line of defense must be outside the house, from a driveway alarm to a perimeter fence, backyard, barn and pool alarm.

Is your home secure from housebreakers as from other intruders who do not break door locks or doorjambs? Some will pull up the driveway and knock on the door as your peer, worker or coworker, or a stranger with a purpose, masking their real intention to assault or rob you. Others, you might have already allowed in, such as a houseguest, relative or neighbor with ill intent. If the first security alarm that obstructs them is at the front door, then it may be too late.

Driveway alarms send a clear signal that you have a home security system up through and through. The HomeSafe wireless safety alert and driveway patrol alarm comprises a wireless PIR (passive infrared) sensor and receiver. As many sensor-receiver pairs as desired may protect one location. Once the water-resistant sensor detects movement, it triggers a receiver as far as 400 feet away into sounding either an alarm or a chime.

Wireless alarms are no hassle to install anywhere, be it a porch or the garden. And loud burglar alarms can be combined with silent warnings within a system, which will not tip trespassers off. The Homesafe wireless home security system uses motion sensors and door/window double sensors, no matter the number, to pick up activity. This sets off an alarm plus an auto-dialer simultaneously.

The auto-dialer calls one through five pre-entered numbers to broadcast the intrusion and give the call recipient the option to listen in, talk through a speaker in the guarded area or disarm the system. It can be installed indoors, or outdoors as a driveway alarm system and the like.

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